Mike Perry’s ex-wife filed a restraining order against the UFC star

Mike Perry has been in the mainstream spotlight recently due to incidents outside of the octagon. 

A few weeks ago, Mike Perry made headlines for knocking out a man outside a bar in Texas. 

Today, reports came out detailing the filing of a protective order by Mike Perry’s ex-wife earlier this year but were denied by the court after she “ failed to allege facts sufficient,” according to court records. 

Danielle Nickerson filed for an injunction for protection against Perry for domestic violence in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. On March 4, the request was denied by Circuit Judge Alice L. Blackwell. 

The following written statements alleged disturbing behavior but never claimed Perry physically harmed her. 

  • On February 8, 2020, unknown location: “Michael Perry, my husband, verbally threatened if I were to stay at the house he would ‘beat my ass.’”
  • On February 8, 2020, unknown location: “Michael Perry, my husband, followed me to the house highly intoxicated screaming at his mother to have me come outside. When we both refused he said, ‘Well then I’ll go home and burn the house down with the dogs in it.’ Police pulled him over in the neighborhood after he peeled out in the house’s grass yard.”
  • On March 3, 2020, Rachel’s Strip Club in Orlando: “Michael Perry, my husband, was under the influence of heavy alcohol and unknown drugs, was caught cheating, stated he paid to have ‘Brooke suck his (expletive)’ in the private room. Told me to ‘file the papers, (expletive). I want a divorce.’”

The judge declined the request and stated the following in a signed order: “Under Florida law, general relationship problems and uncivil behavior are not domestic violence. … Verbal threats, without more, are not domestic violence.”

Nickerson and Perry are not divorced and she released a statement on her Instagram sayings “done being silent” about her ex-husband and is “ready to be brave and tell the truth.


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