Mike Perry knockouts out man outside restaurant

UFC welterweight Mike Perry made headlines again, today. A video surfaced of an altercation involving the UFC star. 

The 1 minute and 43-second video posted on Twitter by MMAEejit reveals the ending of the altercation. Mike Perry barely avoided arrest after allegedly assaulting several people at a restaurant in Lubbock Texas. Image via @MMAEejit on Twitter

The video shows Perry and his girlfriend leaving the establishment while yelling at a person behind him. 

Once at the exit, Perry turns around refusing to leave. His girlfriend and bystanders attempt to calm him down. Perry becomes more agitated yelling he will wait for the police to show up. A man with gray hair and glasses made gestures at Perry and the following occurred. 

“I’ll knock your old ass out, too!” Perry says.

The man responds, “You do it, mother(expletive)!”

“Yeah, let’s go you fat piece of (expletive)!” Perry says.

From the video, it is not clear who made the first move but the altercation ended with Perry dropping the man with an overhand right knocking him out cold. Following the knockout, Perry yells out for someone to call the police while yelling at another person to back up. 

When police arrived, he told officers “these people were putting their hands on me as I was trying to leave the building.” Perry argued that an individual placed a hand on his shoulder and that’s when he “pushed his face back.” According to Perry, he was trying to leave the restaurant when the man with the glasses approached him and grabbed his face. That is when Perry punched the man and knocked him out. 

According to the Police report, Perry struck at least three individuals. But was only changed with a Class A assault, which is a misdemeanor in the state of Texas. A court date will be set for Perry and he could potentially face a fine up to $500 if convicted.

Perry made several posts throughout the week that raised some concerns. 

“I hope judgement day is coming. I hope all you filthy mouth losers burn in the shithole sewers of hell. All you will see, smell & hear is nightmares of vomit and feces drowning you for eternity. Your life sucks so you hate on beauty you will never have but it will only get worse.”

Images via @PlatinumPerry on Twitter

“If you see us in public and you get too close, I’m gonna hit you,” Perry wrote on Twitter. “Social distancing says you gotta stay six feet away from us. You come in my bubble, you getting Sparta kicked in the nuts and f**kin stone cold stunnered, b*tch!

“Please try me. I promise I will baptize you in the name of street Jesus!”

Mike Perry has not officially made a statement but did make a post on Twitter.

“No comment.”

The UFC has not made a statement regarding Mike Perry. UFC representatives and Mike Perry’s management are all on Fight Island.

What are your thoughts on the video of Mike Perry knocking out an older gentleman? Should the UFC impose disciplinary actions?

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