‘I’m the reason Jon Jones vacated UFC title’- Dominick Reyes believes Jon Jones is ducking him

The UFC currently has no champion at light heavyweight. Jones Jones has vacated the UFC light heavyweight title, former rival Dominick Reyes is convinced that he’s the reason.

Following several months of tension between Jones and the UFC, Jones announced he would relinquish his title and now plans to move to heavyweight.

Reyes thinks Jones is leaving the division to avoid a fight with him.

“I think his ego won’t let him admit that I’m the reason,” Reyes told ESPN. “I know he doesn’t want to rematch me. It’s obvious; he vacated the belt. You don’t give up something you’re proud of. I win the belt, I’m not gonna be like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna give it up. I’m gonna go up to heavyweight.’ No, man, you earned that (expletive). Like why would you just give it up unless you feel like you didn’t earn it?”

While Reyes won’t get the opportunity to fight Jon, the goal still remains the same.

“It doesn’t matter,” Reyes said. “None of this is in my control, I’m just doing what I can do. I’m fighting, fighting for the belt. I’m gonna be a great champion, and I’m gonna make my family, my friends, and my people proud when I go out there and perform on Sept. 26.

“It doesn’t matter if I beat Jon, I beat Jan, whoever I beat to win the belt. I got the belt; that’s all that matters. That’s all that’s ever mattered the whole time.”

Reyes clowned Jones for the move to heavyweight stating the reason is that he is getting slow.

“He’s moving to heavyweight because those guys are slow,” Reyes said. “You do realize that, right? He can’t keep up with us anymore. After what me and Thiago did to him, he’s like, ‘Man, I need to go up. These guys are getting too fast, they’re getting too athletic, they’re getting too good.’ The heavyweights are still slow.”

Jones heard the comments and fired backed at Reyes.

“I literally had to leave it all out there the night I beat Gus, my last fight I ended comfortably scoring points. Gus pushed me to a place I have still yet to see again.”

“Both DC and Gus faced fatalities in our rematches, now for the first time in my career I’m terrified to have a rematch? If you believe this narrative, slap yourself.”

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