Mike Perry aggressively calls out Nick Diaz over Twitter, ‘F*ck the Diaz brothers!’

Earlier this week, Nick’s manager dropped a bombshell after revealing Nick’s intention of returning to MMA early next year.

The announcement garnered attention from everyone including fans, media, and fighters.

Several welterweights have raised their hand to be the one to welcome back Diaz.

Stephen Thompson, Leon Edwards, and Darren Till have all thrown their name in the hat.  Even Conor McGregor got in on the action.

Now, Mike Perry seems to want all the smoke. He went to twitter to aggressively call out the elder of the Diaz brothers.

Everybody talking about the return of @nickdiaz209 like he looks tough or something. A skinny weakling like his lil brother, y’all both look like @mickeygall , @realroyce was the only guy ever good at that jitsu style. Florida jiu jitsu is on top ! #EastCoast

“They saying you won’t show up for the fight @nickdiaz209 your brother already got showed up by the east coast. You ain’t gonna do nothing about that?”

“I know you don’t train like you use to @nickdiaz209 but I have just been chillin with my girl on #MiamiBeach and you still don’t want this east coast smoke ! Im a power puncher and those lil salt & pepper punches you throw won’t phase me.”

“I’ll hit you with this right hook and you’ll pull guard and I’ll just ride out the time with ground and pound from top position. If you don’t want to come back we understand, just stop clout chasing @nickdiaz209″

“Fuck the Diaz brothers ! East coast bitch!”

“I’m not your average internet shit talker @nickdiaz209, you can cut a check and I’ll show up if you really wanna do something about it. You won’t tho. . .”

Diaz is interested in fighting top welterweights. Perry is currently unranked.

No official announcement has been made regarding the date or opponent of Nick Diaz.

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