Lightweight drama continues…

The lightweight division is one of the most exciting weight classes in the UFC. It is widely considered the most competitive weight call in the UFC. The top 5 is stacked. It includes names such as Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier, TonyFerguson and Dan Hooker.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is reportedly set to defend his UFC lightweight title against No. 1 lightweight  contender, Justin Gaethje, in September.

Dan Hooker and Dustin Poirier are set to meet June 27th for the No. 1 contender spot.

Dan had a few words to say ahed of his fight,“That’s the thing — he’s definitely going to have to adjust his game a little bit,” Hooker told MMAfighting. “I feel like pressuring me, taking a shot, giving it, taking a shot, giving a shot is just not the way to best approach it. I don’t feel like Dustin can take a shot as well as Paul Felder can. From watching the tape of both of those fighters, I don’t think Poirier has the chin Felder does.

“I feel I can put Dustin away. If I keep touching him, there’s no way that Dustin’s going to be able to eat those shots and be able to recover from the damage I’m generally able to inflict on opponents.”

Justin Gaethje responded to the Dan simply writing the following.

Dan didn’t take long to respond. Dan and Justin have exchanged words in the past. Dan has called out Justin several times and is still open to the fight if both fighters win their upcoming fights.

Several interesting matches can arise form the lightweight division this summer. Conor McGregor still needs a dance partner. Many believe his retirement is not official. Former lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos, called out Conor says timing to rehash Conor fight.

“The whole history,” dos Anjos told MMA Junkie when asked why he still wants the fight. “I was the lightweight champion, he was coming up to challenge me and also, I got a lot of fights. That was the only one that I didn’t make it. That’s what I would like to have on my record, a fight with Conor. That’s why I tweeted out, ‘No more ifs.’ You see a lot of people say, ‘If that fight would’ve happened; If RDA won, If Conor won, what would’ve happened with Conor? If Conor had lost what would’ve happened?’ A lot of ifs. So it’s time to just put that thing on the table and let’s go. Let’s make this fight happen at any weight.”

As these next few fight play out, many interesting fights are expected to come from it. Will Dan be able to get the No. 1 spot or will Justin’s prediction come true?

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