UFC makes massive fight announcement

Fight fans around the world have been treated to some of the best fights in UFC history these past few months. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the UFC has not skipped a beat.

This is the best time to be a fight fan. Fight announcements have been getting better and better. The UFC announced two massive fights scheduled for later this year.

According to Dana White, Jon Jones is no longer the UFC Lightweight champion. Dana took time during the Contender Series to announce the fight that will determine the next light heavyweight champion.

“It’s official, yeah,” White said. “While we were here, I actually went live on SportsCenter and announced it between one of the fights and announced all of that.”

White confirmed that the biggest pay-per-view card of the year will now feature two world title fights at UFC 253.

“Yeah, it’s for the vacant title,” White said in regards to the fight between Reyes and Blachowicz being for the undisputed light heavyweight title.

White isn’t sure what the future hold for the former light heavyweight champion.

“I know that Jon, right now, wants to take time to do things that he wants to do,” White said. “If you follow him on Instagram, he’s been doing a lot of shooting, likes to work with these attack dogs, lifts a lot of weights, and I think he’s having fun living his life a little bit. I think, when this whole heavyweight thing plays out, we’ll see what works for him.

“I don’t know, exactly, what the right outcome is gonna be but we’ll see.”

Anderson Silva vs. Uriah Hall

Dana White also announced what appears to be Andeson Silva’s last fight. The legendary middleweight champion is scheduled to fight explosive contender Uriah Hall.

“We’re working on a fight for him coming up soon here,” White said following the latest installment of the Contender Series. “He will fight again.

“I met with his managers the other day, this will be his last fight. I think he’s going to retire.”

“That’s not our business,” White said about Silva’s potential retirement. “That’s up to him. Let him do this the way he wants to do it.

“We’re talking about putting him in a very competitive fight that should be fun. The fight’s not done yet.”

Anderson Silva is the longest reigning middleweight champion in UFC history. His resume is unmatched.

Silva will attempt to leave on a high note later this year against Uriah Hall.

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