Paige VanZant provides life updates, reveals the secret that rekindled her marriage

UFC Flyweight Paige VanZant has recently came out with a few surprising revelations. Paige admitted that her Instagram is the greatest factor in her fame and income than her fights inside the Octagon. She made headlines last month when she posted a series of naked pictures along with her husband, Austin Vanderford. Her husband is also a professional fighter who fights for the promotion Bellator.

The posts went viral and not for the wrong reason. Paige made it clear that her posts weren’t an attempt to grab attention. Instead, she did it because of a recent resurgence in her marriage.

Paige admitted her marriage reached a stale phase after going through the “honeymoon” stage. Paige revealed the secret that saved her marriage was a supplement called Nitro Strength that her husband has been taking that rekindled his sex drive. Her husband stated it has kickstarted his sex drive, performance in the bedroom, and increase muscle and testosterone.

The couple first posted an image where they were both working out in the gym naked. They carefully concealed their naughty parts using a medicine ball and a boxing speed bag. VanZant said that she did not plan the picture. It happened in the spur of the moment. She admitted moments like these are now an often occurrence thanks to the new supplement Nitro Strength.

“Austin and I had taken a video of himself or a picture in the gym, and I had glanced over and I was like, ‘Were you naked out there?’ And he was just wearing short shorts. Cause he works out in really tiny shorts,” VanZant said while talking to MMA Fighting

“And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have the best idea ever,’ and so we just kind of staged it where I was on the medicine ball and he had our double-edged bag covering his butt. Then it just kind of sparked from there because people liked them so much.”

“It’s not a social media stunt – it’s not to get attention,” she said. “I just think I want to spread the idea, we’ve been married for over a year and a half, and just to love your significant other, and have fun with them, and how important it is to just make the most of the relationships that you have.

Following VanZant’s bombshell comments, I conducted thorough research of the supplement mentioned. The product is a revolutionary supplement that has been making waves amongst top athletes.

Nitro Strength has been mentioned in several men’s health magazines. Customer reviews detail an increase in sex drive, libido, increase in lean muscle mass, increase in testosterone, and fat loss among other results.

I would not recommend this product as the drug is very powerful and anyone taking it can experience adverse results. After speaking to customers we have found that many have separated from their current partner due to an overwhelming sex drive. Using the product could increase your risk of contracting an STD as customers have admitted an increase in sexual partners after using the supplement.

It appears that Nitro Strength provided Paige VanZant with the results her marriage was needing.


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