Colby Covington predicts ‘Natty GOAT’ Daniel Cormier to win at UFC 252

Colby Covington is one of the UFC’s most controversial fighters. Despite his typical brash persona, Covington had nothing but nice things to say about both of the fighters of Saturday night’s main event at UFC 252.

Stipe Miocic will defend his heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier in the trilogy fight to determine who is the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Covington has a lot of pf respect for the former two-division champion Cormier.

“I’ve got a lot of admiration and respect for Daniel Cormier,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “He’s had a legendary career. I made an Instagram post about him a year or two ago calling him the ‘Natty GOAT.’ I really do feel like he is the ‘Natty GOAT,’ and by that, I mean the natural GOAT. He’s the natural greatest of all time.

“You see all these other guys, try to compare the GOATs, these are all guys that did steroids. So let’s talk about natural. That’s what Daniel is. He’s the embodiment of a good person and a good soul. I wish him well this weekend.”

The respect carries over to the heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic and the work he does for his community, as well.

“Stipe’s another great person, too,” Covington stated. “He’s a firefighter, he’s a first responder, so I have to give a lot of love to him for what he does for the people of his city and around the world.”

Cormier shocked the world in their first fight when he knocked out Stipe in the first round. In their second meeting, “DC” started off strong winning the first three rounds but in the fourth Miocic made adjustments and finished Cormier to regain the heavyweight title.

When asked to make a prediction, Covington was conflicted but ultimately gave the nod to the former heavyweight champion.

“I wish those guys the best, and it’s really tough to pick a winner, because they’re both pretty good guys,” Covington explained. “If I had to pick a winner, I’d probably go with ‘DC.’”

“Yeah, it definitely interests me,” Covington said. “Interesting me and getting me to watch it are two different things. I won’t be watching it because I have better things to do. I’m gonna enjoy my weekend—my weekend of freedom in America, the freest country of all because of the brave. A big thank you to all of our service member out there that puts their life on the line.

“There’s no holidays for war. It’s a year-round, 24-7 thing, and these guys are protecting our constitutional rights we have in America, and they’re protecting them every day. They don’t get enough credit.”

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