CamSoda announces Fight Circus, promises bare-knuckle fights with head butts

CamSoda is back in the world of MMA. The webcam live stream company first dipped its toes in the world of MMA back in 2018 when it live-streamed its first-ever MMA event at CamSoda Legends.

CamSoda recently announced that it was teaming up with Thailand’s Full Metal Dojo promotion to put on a wild night of fights titled “Fight Circus.”

CamSoda Vice President Daryn Parker spoke reporters about the event.

“After the success of Camsoda Legends, we got a lot of feedback from users and the message boards about the type of fights they would like to see,” Parker said. “‘What if’ fights kept being mentioned.

Check out the trailer below.

The commercial promises “to bring you a freakshow,” and that the fights are “teetering on illegal.”

100 percent of the proceeds with go towards COVID-19 relief and viewers are encouraged to donate directly to CDC Foundation.

Parker spoke about the feedback they received and the type of fights fans wanted to see.

“What if 2 ‘Average Joes’ fought one experienced guy? What if one pro, lightweight guy fought a big heavyweight with no experience? What if a girl with experience grapples a guy with no experience?

Since we don’t see these type of match ups, we were interested when (FMD organizer) Ben Stark introduced us to FMD about a fight card that would have these type of fights and would be different and exciting.”

“These are exciting and unique fights with tough fighters,” Parker said when asked about the choice of words like “freakshow” and “illegal” in the marketing.

“We want to convey the excitement and the fight oddities that will be available for people to see here where they have never been able to see them before under one roof.”

“There is a good possibility of it,” Parker said. “Especially if he want to go to Thailand for the next FMD event.”

Fight Circus takes place on Saturday at 10 p.m. ET, and a free live stream will be available at

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