Joanne Calderwood Faints Backstage After Loss

Saturday night was not a good night for Joanne Calderwood. She suffered a loss to Jennifer Maia at UFC on ESPN 31. The Scottish fighter got submitted in the first round and left the arena heartbroken.

The fight started off well for Calderwood as she was landing some strikes on Maia but she couldn’t keep the pace. Maia took her down and got her in an armbar during a transition from the bottom.

Unfortunately, the misfortune was not over for Calderwood. She faced something even worse backstage.

Calderwood fainted backstage after the fight. She collapsed as UFC personnel rushed to her aid.

Per reports, she was taken to a nearby hospital and is doing better now.

The shocking news has caused widespread concern amongst UFC fans.

Joanne Calderwood fainted after losing the fight against Jennifer Maia


ESPN’s Ariel Helwani took to Twitter to break the news.

As per reports, Calderwood was being checked in the medical room following the loss to Maia. The 33-year old suddenly fell unconscious shocking her team and doctors.

Calderwood’s coach and finacée John Wood were by her side and rushed her to the hospital. The medical reports suggest that Calderwood’s heart rate dropped significantly at one point causing her to lose consciousness.

She is reported being in stable condition and better now.

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