Israel Adesanya sends warning to Paulo Costa: “If he wants to throw down I’ve got the gang with me”

UFC 253 is right around the corner when Isreal Adesanya and Paulo Costa will collide in the main event on Sept 26.

Both fighters are undefeated and have engaged in endless trash talk leading up to the fight.

The rivalry has become so heated that both fighters have threatened physical actions outside the octagon.

It would not be at all shocking if things get physical between the two teams before the fight.

The champion sends a warning to his opponent stating its in Costa’s best interest to behave.

“He’s probably not going to have enough energy to do shit,” Adesanya said on Submission Radio, referencing what’s expected to be a tough weight cut down to 185 pounds for Costa.

“He’ll be sucked down, dry, to the bone. He’ll probably be pretty quiet, I’m assuming, or he’ll say something and he’ll shut up.

But if we run into each other, I don’t care. If he wants to throw down, we can throw down. I have my whole crew with me. I have my gang with me.

“I’ve got the gang with me,” Adesanya added. “So, if he wants to try something stupid with white glasses and fucking cringe king, whoever, bring it.

My gang versus your gang. But I’d rather whoop his ass in the cage, so he better not try something stupid.”

Isreal Adesanya is coming off his first title defense when he defeated Joel Romero at UFC 248 in March.

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