“Crazy sh*t happens when you’re in that type of lifestyle,” – Dana White Opens up on Conor McGregor’s Arrest

UFC President Dana White finally commented on the recent allegations Conor McGregor faces.

White admitted he had no inside information.

Dana does have a theory on why Conor has repeated incidents outside the octagon. White believes the amount of fame McGregor has and the “crazy” lifestyle that he lives are the main reasons for his troubles outside the cage.

“That kind of a life, crazy sh*t happens when you’re in that type of lifestyle,” he told reporters after UFC Vegas 10. “You try to go out and act normal and be normal, and it’s hard to do sometimes.

“I’m not defending Conor in any way, shape, or form. I don’t know enough about the situation to talk about it all. But I do know I’ve gone out with him before, and it’s batsh*t nuts.”

When asked whether McGregor’s behavior outside the octagon has been a result of misdirected unused energy from lack of competition, White answered.

“[Henry] Cejudo’s got a lot in the gas tank, too,” he said. “He could definitely fight again. But I think when you have guys like Conor and Cejudo that have done it for a long time and cut weight, dieting, all the bullsh*t you go through, and then you make a lot of money – you just don’t feel like doing it any more. A lot of people don’t think Conor’s really done. I don’t know the answer to that question either, but we’ll see.”

White knows firsthand just how big Conor is when he and former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta went out one night with the fighter.

“When Conor blew up, he showed up one time at the venue with so much security, I thought, ‘This is f*cking ridiculous,’” he said. “Nobody needs this much security. This kid’s going to blow all his money on security. Then me and Lorenzo met up with him one night, and holy sh*t.

“You just don’t understand how big this kid is until you go out with him. He was literally getting mobbed. People were going crazy, screaming, jumping up from blackjack tables, leaving their money there and running after Conor. I’ve never seen anything like that. … Imagine what it’s like with him in Europe?”

McGregor has denied the allegations and his team has made it clear they will not tolerate false accusations.

McGregor’s manager Audie Attar then issued a statement to MMA Fighting after the reports first surfaced on Saturday.

“I am irate and putting out a warning loud and clear: Conor McGregor is not and will not be a target for those seeking to score a headline or a payday,” Attar said.

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