Conor McGregor receives offer to train with soccer club Real Madrid

UFC superstar Conor McGregor retired from fighting earlier this year.  Conor has found a way to stay relevant on social media and it looks like Conor may make a return to sports but not fighting. Conor may look to conquer soccer next after receiving a training offer from Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos. 

Sergio Ramos is the captain and defense powerhouse of the soccer club Real Madrid. With Sergio as captain, Real Madrid has been extremely successful and he even led his team to their first title in nearly 3 years. 

Sergio posted a video on his Instagram page scoring a goal and celebrating it with the famous walk that Conor popularized the “Billionaire Walk.” He tagged Conor on the post and asked for his thoughts on the goal and celebration.

Conor quickly responded by posting a video of his own scoring a few goals on a goalkeeper at a family event. 

Ramos was impressed and offered “The Notorious” an invitation to train with the soccer club Real Madrid. Conor accepted the offer and may make a move to soccer.

Earlier this year, Conor announced his desire to compete regularly this year. Those talks hit a roadblock when Conor announced his retirement after growing frustrated with the UFC and the lack of potential fight options. 

Conor has publicly blamed the UFC for his early retirement. He has teased a return but it’s unlikely he’ll compete this year. 

Fight fans remain skeptical about whether Conor will return to the octagon but are hoping to see the Irishman lace up the gloves one more time.

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